At Mr. Z, we are very sensitive to the privacy issues of visitors to our website (, and this website is no exception. Despite the fact that we do not require any personal information to verify your identity, such as your name, address, telephone number or email address etc. (unless you explicitly provided them to us), many visitors choose to disclose such information to us. This Privacy Policy will explain to you our standard practices regarding online information and the options you retain for the collection and usage of the information.

2.Information Collection and Usage

a.Personal Information

Although users can browse our website anonymously, when users of related website voluntarily register on our website, register on related websites through other means, contact us through related websites, or conduct purchases from related websites and volunteer personal identification information, we may still collect information that can be used to establish personal identities ("personal information") in keeping with circumstances.

Users of related websites can provide personal information for various reasons, including but not limited to acquiring periodical updates, product information, event notifications, and service information, as well as responding to surveys, participating in competitions, receiving notification for other promotions, and to conduct purchases, in keeping with circumstances. The types of personal information we may collect include the user's name, gender, date of birth, address, telephone number, email address and purchase information. We may use the personal information we collected from related websites and combine them with other information collected from related users from off-line sources to facilitate the formulation of market promotion or website content that are more suitable to requirements, or for other purposes such as internal research and investigations.

b.Non-Personal Information

When you visit related websites, we may collect a variety of information and non-personal information. This type of information does not involve individual pieces of information that can be used to identify visitors' identities. This type of information tells us about the number of visitors to the related website and connected webpages etc. Collecting this type of information helps us set up related websites that are suitable for our visitors' needs.

When you browse, read or download information on a related website, we may automatically collect the standard computer information from your computer's browser, such as your IP address, browser type and language, number of connections, and addresses of referring websites. We usually do not link the standard computer information to anything that will allow us to establish the identities of users, unless it is for the enforcement of our regulations and terms of service or to protect our services, website, users or other people.

3.Sharing of Personal Information

Under and within the regulations on disclosure described in the following clauses, we will not disclose or sell any information related to you to any party we are not in contact with, except in the following circumstances: (i) Disclosure or sale in accordance with legal requirements or legal proceeding documents; (ii) Disclosure or sale in accordance with orders from law enforcement agencies or other government officials; (iii) To prevent physical damage, financial damage, harm, or interference on our rights, properties or the rights or properties of our users or other people; or in cases where we believe it is necessary or appropriate to disclose in circumstances related to investigations on alleged or actual illegal activities; (iv) In cases where we have reasons to believe that you have used information from related websites in illegal activities or activities that may endanger public health and/or safety; and/or (v) We sincerely believe the legal requirement for such disclosure.

We may commission third-party service providers to manage and/or operate certain functions or services on our behalf, and the appropriate execution of the functions or services may require the transfer of information you have submitted. Such functions or services include management of related websites, delivering promotional information or other information regarding our products, services or special events, and delivering the products you have requested or purchased, if applicable. Any such transfers shall conform with all confidentiality and security responsibilities, and shall only be for the sole purpose of executing said functions or services.

We may also share your personal information with third parties to provide marketing and promotion for products, services or events you may be interested in. Any transfer of personal information shall be in accordance with our confidentiality and security responsibilities and only for the sole purpose of executing said functions or services.

4.Links to Other Websites

The website of the Company may include self-owned media platforms (such as Weibo) that are operated by the Company and links to other websites owned and operated by third parties. Such other websites may have their own privacy policy and are not under the jurisdiction of this Privacy Policy. The Company shall not be liable for any privacy practices or contents on any such websites owned and operated by third parties. Other websites may have different methods for collecting and processing collected information, and the Company encourages you to carefully read the privacy policies of the websites you visit.

5.Changes to the Privacy Policy

The Company retains the right to independently modify or update the Privacy Policy. Please check back from time to time to ensure that you understand any updates or changes to the terms.

6.Your Privacy Policy

You agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy. By using this website, you express your agreement to all the terms and conditions of the Privacy Policy and Company Policy. If you do not agree to the Privacy Policy or any of the terms in the Company Policy, please do not use this website or submit any personal information that can be used to verify your identity.

7.Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding the Privacy Policy or the collection and usage of information by the Company, please send an email to


Welcome to Mr. Z's official website (, hereinafter called "our website"). Please comply with the following provisions when you use our website: Please read thoroughly and understand the contents on this page. You would be deemed to have accepted and agreed to comply with the provisions in our website if you download information that you require for non-commercial purposes (excluding information containing copyright and other proprietary ownership).

The following contents may be revised from time to time. Please make sure to peruse them from time to time:

1.The trademark, service marks, design, drawings and any other intellectual property rights in our website shall remain vested in Mr. Z, or those with official authorisation from the owner. No individual shall use the aforesaid before obtaining official written authorisation of Mr. Z, including without limitation replicating, duplicating, amending, publishing, announcing, transmitting or distributing text, drawings, video and audio or still images carried in our website, failing which such individual shall be liable for civil and possibly criminal proceedings.

2.Our website strives to provide accurate and timely information and contents. However such information and contents are limited only to their current status. As such our website does not give any express or implied warranty as to their accuracy or timeliness. We shall not be liable for any damages suffered by you entering or using our website, whether such damages are direct, indirect, accidental or causal. Please use your software and equip-ment with utmost care.

3.For your convenience our website includes external links. However Mr. Z does not warrant that the links of our website do not direct you to websites maintained, controlled or created by it. Mr. Z is not related to nor shall it be held liable for contents on such websites.

4.Any communication or information transmitted by you to our website, including without limitation your comments, customer feedback, preference, suggestions, support, request, questions or personal resume etc. shall be deemed as non-confidential information and non-proprietary information. As soon as such information has been transmitted by you and accepted by our website, you shall be deemed to have agreed to our website using it, free of charge, for survey, statistical or internal use.

5.Insofar as your information is being used by our website for the purposes of survey, statistical or internal use, our website may automatically collect technical information that is insufficient for us to identify you, or store minimum data in your computer's hard disk. The aforesaid is aimed at providing you with better services. Save with your consent, our website will not disclose to any third party such information as is sufficient to identify you.

6.Our website shall not bear any liability with respect to discussions, transmissions, chats or posted contents. In any event our website prohibits you from transmitting or publishing information and speeches that may amount to aspersions, libel, rumours, pornography or those that threaten national security or are illegal or immoral. Our website shall have the right to manage and supervise all contents, but our website shall not bear any liability in any way.

7.Our website has no intention of collecting any personal information from individuals who are below the age of [16] years, nor will it disclose to any third party any information on non-adults. Our website reminds parents supervise and be responsible for the use of personal information on the Internet by their children. Our website shall not be liable in any way if non-adults voluntarily provide their personal information on bulletin board or similar manner, and their published information has been used by others to send or receive e-mail.

8.Information released in our website may not contain latest information on Mr. Z and its businesses. Mr. Z does not state or warrant the accuracy or completeness of information published in our website. With respect to any products, information or services that you have purchased or obtained as a result of service advertisements, information or offers in our website, Mr. Z does not bear any responsibility for their quality.

9.You understand and agree that Mr. Z will not bear any direct, indirect, ancillary, special, derived or punitive liability for compensation of losses including without limitation loss of profit, reputation, application, data or other intangible losses as a result of the following (even if Mr. Z has been notified in advance about the likelihood of such compensation):

(i) Use of services provided by our website or inability to use them;

(ii) Replacement of any goods, data, information or services purchased or obtained through services offered on our website, or costs incurred for transactions entered;

(iii) You transmission or data have been accessed or tampered with in an unauthorised manner;

(iv) Any statements or actions of any third party made in relation to the service;

(v) Other matters relating to the service, excluding those which are expressly provided for under this Service Provision.

10.Mr. Z retains the right to revise and update the privacy-protection provisions in our website.