Mr.Z Free-form Pillow

The traditional pillow, with its single pre-set shape, softness and material, just can’t meet all your personal sleep needs. To give you the sleep feel you need and want, Mr. Z has produced a customisable pillow. Design a pillow that is perfect for you – one that meets your unique sleep needs.

—— 6 Combinations ——

Guided by the science of sleep, our 5 pillow zones are changeable, so you can create a perfect sleep experience.

A simple two-Zone combination, focused on head area sleep feel, supporting your neck. Well suited if you prefer sleeping on your back and having neck support.

Recommended Zone combinations: 

With Zone A for your head with side- or back-sleeping, complement it with a relatively softer Zone with good snugness. With Zone B, choose a Zone at least one level firmer than the A. This combination works well with your body’s structure, and helps maintain a normal spinal curve, while keeping your head comfy during sleep.

This combines three Zones to give different sleep feels when you sleep on your back or on your side. It gives you good support throughout, making it ideal whatever position you prefer.

Recommended Zone combinations:

If you use a Zone C in the middle while sleeping on your back, we suggest combining it with softer Zones for a more comfortable sleep. On the other hand, for increased body pressure when you sleep on your side, choose side Zones that are slightly firmer than the middle. This will help your sleep position stay more natural and stable.

A universal combination of four Zones, with different sleep feels for your head when you sleep on your back or on your side, and stable shoulder and neck support; ideal if you prefer sleeping on your back and desire superior neck and shoulder support.

Recommended Zone combinations: 

When you use a Zone D in the middle for sleeping on your back, we recommend choosing softer Zones to complement it. When you use a Zone D for side-sleeping, we recommend choosing side Zones that are somewhat softer than the middle Zone, to give side-sleeping support. The B Zone is a bit better here than the D. This combination is good for providing ample shoulder and neck support, and helps keep your sleep position stable so you can sleep comfortably.

A four-Zone combination designed for sleeping on your back, this provides different sleep feel for your head during back- or side-sleeping, as well as support that conforms to your spine. This works well if you are accustomed to sleeping on your back and need superior neck support.  

Recommended Zone combinations: 

When you use Zone D for sleeping on your back, we suggest combining it with softer Zones. For the left and right Zone Cs, we suggest somewhat harder Zones for use with side-sleeping and for shoulder support. With the Zone E providing neck support in the middle, we suggest a Zone somewhat higher than the other three, to help fill in the space under the neck and relieve neck exhaustion. 

A combination of five Zones designed with side-sleeping in mind. This also provides superb sleep feel to your head in either back- or side-sleeping, and gives good shoulder support when you sleep on your side to avoid the feeling of hanging in mid-air. Ideal if you are used to side-sleeping and need good shoulder support.

Recommended Zone combinations:

When you sleep on your back using a Zone C, we recommend choosing softer and more supportive Zones to complement it. For the left and right sides, we suggest a Zone somewhat harder than the C for lateral support. If you use the Zone E for left and right shoulder support, we recommend choosing Zones higher than the other three, to help alleviate the sense of your shoulders being suspended in mid-air, and to provide ample support to your shoulders and relax the spine. 

A complete combination of six Zones, with completely separate sleep feel for your head, neck and shoulders, this is superbly suited for both side- and back-sleeping. It improves neck and shoulder support, and is ideal if you have high demands for each area of your pillow.

Recommended Zone combinations:

For sleeping on your back with Zone D, we recommend a softer main Zone, with firmer or medium-firm Zones for either side. When using Zone E in the middle for neck support, we recommend choosing medium-firm Zones that are higher than three Zone Ds, in order to avoid the feeling that your neck is suspended in mid-air. At the same time, when using the Zone E for shoulder support, we recommend choosing Zones that are somewhat higher than the middle Zone E, in order to guarantee stable shoulder support during back- or side-sleeping. This combination meets the sleep needs of every part of your body, allowing you to completely relax your head, and relieving pressure from your neck and shoulders.

—— 5 Zones ——

Pillow zones come in a range of softness’s and heights, so you can adjust any part of your new pillow, anytime.


For your general back- or side-sleeping needs. Comfortable and breathable, with the largest surface area of any pillow.


Protects both your neck and head, giving good support. This is our longest Zone.


Good for both sleeping on your back and on your side, it protects your neck and shoulders equally; the best single-Zone multi-purpose pillow.


Works whether you sleep on your back or on your side, with selectable softness; this is the Zone that can do the most.


Combining neck care and shoulder care with individual support. Mix and match to your liking; this is the most agile Zone.

—— Softness & Height ——

Chose the softness and height that feel best for you.

We have evaluated each material as Soft, Mid-Soft, Mid -Hard or Hard. Select the softness you prefer based on the sleep feel you like.

There are three heights available: 1H (low), 2H (medium), 3H (high). You can thus choose the height you prefer depending on the sleep feel you want, your body shape, and combination you have chosen.

—— Material Introduction ——

We pay attention to every detail to achieve perfection – all to guarantee you a full night of quality sleep, every night.

Polyester Fiber

This generally contains both plant and chemical fibres. The fibres feel soft and are rich in bounciness, naturally fluffy, warm and comfortable, and give a nice feeling of snugness.


Latex can fight bacteria and allergies. It is also very flexible and does not deform easily. Mr.Z’s latex materials use honeycomb ventilation to allow breathability and disperse heat.

Latex Particles

Latex particles have relatively good breathability and firmness, with good support and bounciness. Mr.Z’s latex particles are cylindrical to give an even sleep feel; they give you a feeling reminiscent of being massaged.

Memory Foam

The zero-pressure and temperature-sensing memory foam formulations developed by Mr.Z has two different formulations for the needs of different areas.